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Upper class. 
So what’s this all about, seems when you travel on Virgin you can choose which class you want to travel in. Economy, premium economy, or upper class. I was watching all the people going to the upper class desk, I wondered why they were going to be in upper class. They seemed no different to me or my wife, so what was it? Did they pay to go there, my wife said it costs an arm and a leg to get on upper class. No way I was doing that, but I can’t stand it not having the best. Which upper class obviously is, the very best.

As we discussed it seemed it was actually the UPPER deck of the plane. Normal some might say. But not me, although I knew there were planes with an upper deck it was amazing to see people going up the stairs to their seat or (BED) wow a bed in the sky how cool is that really. A 10 hour flight on a bed, just sounds expensive to me, I guess a real treat to. I guess that would have been ace to have gotten a bed esp as we were not only celebrating beating cancer twice, but also our 5th wedding anniversary that we would be celebrating also. But I was not about to get a mortgage out to do that. Economy is not that bad. You have your legs out in front of you crossed. Shoes off, a TV with lots of films to watch. Games should you wish and the staff are very friendly.

It’s funny though how all the stewardesses made us both feel like we were in upper class, it was like every passenger was to them special. I for one felt special and I know others around me did to. So I didn’t need to pay the princely sum to go in Upper class. We were made to feel that by the girls and steward that served us. One of the girls even shared with me her experience of cancer, which made me feel an overwhelming feeling of compassion towards her, you just don’t know who your audience is do you. But guys if you read this, thank you for making our Virgin experience so special. 

This plane is like a hotel in the sky, no doubt. Flying scares me, it scares me more because you have no control. I enliken it to isolation, where I had no control at all, I also had to imagine I was in a different place to get through it at times. Even able to smell the salt of the sea as the waves came crashing down. We are amazing people, (if we want to be) 

I remember the smell of bacon, sea, and sausages on the beach at 5 am with my mum and dad. That’s not upper class but it’s a great memory, I am not to sure why the passengers pay so much to be seen as upper class however. One thing is for sure no matter how high the plane goes they are always a little higher. So maybe not so much upper class as higher up. But one thing is for sure upper class must be a pleasant way to travel. Apparently you don’t need to que at the carousel either.
It did not matter how much they paid, we were made to feel great. For that I have to say. Thanks Virgin, and Richard Branson for making it happen.
All the best
Mark n Andie 
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