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Choose to be happy.
So as you know I have been on the fight of my life, but it has not affected the world only my world. People carry on as if there is no problem what so ever, like there has never been an issue. People greet me and are not concerned with what the past has been for us. Just now, just today matters. Tomorrow is of no concern what so ever, because my fights were not theirs. Everyone has their own lives to live, which has its own challenges, our surrounding may challenge us. Our surroundings may even push us to the limits.

I do my best to be the best I can be every day, let’s take today Sunday 5.30am, yesterday 5.30am and the day before at 5.30am. The man on the yellow digger does not know how he is affecting my life by waking me up every morning. That the pneumatic chisel wakes me up and challenges my happiness. That I need my rest and its vital for my recovery from the 5 year fight. He has no clue what he is doing to me, no clue that I am woken up by this horrible sound. He has his own life to live and his own life to be happy in. Maybe he starts work so early so he can finish and care for his family. Maybe it’s just to hot to work in a digger later on which I totally get, and understand. How does this change my day? Well it doesn’t, what changes my day is my attitude to it.

So how will I combat this disappointment, well at least until we are moved. I will and am playing up beat music to keep my heart happy, I will smile at all the staff. I will bid everyone good day, I will treat my heart well. I will not get to unhappy and trust whilst I have spoken to all the people I can to change our situation I can do nothing about the situation. Only others can change it for us, so for that I am happy that people are helping us to change this for us. 

For me it’s about accepting what I cannot change, doing my best to change what’s in my control, then giving my best to those around me. Which I will continue to do… I hope you are having a happy day, and choosing to make your day as good as possible with out other people’s decisions affecting it. 

Have a great week. 
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