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Its funny how memories come back to my mind, recently me and my wife parked outside my grandma andgrandads house in Redhill Surrey. It was a lovely feeling standing there looking at the house we had visited on so many occasions. Images of my grandad and dad playing draughts, the organ being played and singing. Being sprayed with their hose pipe in the back garden, watching grandad fettle some wood in his shed. The amazing sausage casarole that grandma used to make, and the trips to the park as a small boy. I am remember our go kart that uncle peter made for us, we even visited the hill where me and my brother used to go down on the go kart. That hill was so steep, we must have been crazy.

We can all choose to enjoy the memories that were created as a child, when I think back to mine I have some great memories. Great times shared as a family, earls wood park was vast in my mind. I remember the tie dyed t shirt, with cut off sleeves, I had black and orange where the bleach had made it turn. I seem to remember riding  on a yellowkyack on that lake. I wonder if my mum has the picture.

That’s what the world is like isn’t it, one giant playground. It’s ours to roam in, ours to bless people in. It is actually ours to enjoy, ours to create new memories in. It’s a place where we can enjoy new exsperiences with new people that we choose to communicate with. What an honour to have a life to live, the have air to breath, and love to give. We are who we are, is that right. I don’t think so, we become who we want to be, we choose to see this world as a playground. 

When you have been critically ill, your whole perspective changes. Because you realise life is so very fragile, that what we exsperience every day is a special gift. I embrace every day now with gratitude, ok I am human and sometimes I get it wrong, well often. But it’s always in my mind that each breath I take is a gift, that we are here but for the grace of God. I hope you are able to recal some great moments to, and are able to create some awesome ones as well.

Have a great weekend