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Everyday for me is about becoming a better person, more rounded. (I don’t mean fat) a person that has something to give as opposed to needing to take. God knows I don’t get it right all the time, in fact some may see me as a failure. What ever is thought by others I can’t change so why worry, what does it matter anyway. Peoples opinions won’t change because it bothers me, the only person it hurts is me. All I do every day is my best, although I get it wrong on times I DO my best to get it right next time. I do my best I never try, we all know there is no try only do or do not.

Me and Andie often discuss, how we can be better people, one of my major downfalls is humility. But is that true. Maybe I am confident and that’s interpreted differently to what I am intending on projecting. I am not naturally confident, some may laugh at that who know me really well. It’s true though sometimes I just don’t consider the consequences. I just go in whole heartedly, giving what ever I am doing my whole heart. There are no grey areas with me, no Inbetween. Just decisions I make or don’t make, some of my better choices I write down in a blog and i do my best to carry them out in my everyday life. Learning everyday to be a better me.

I don’t know what you think, but I guess doing your best to be better is a better choice than holding onto the baggage that weighs us down making us sluggish and breeding things like depression, anger, and giving us feelings like hopelessness. If we feel like we are doing our best, what more can we do? If our best is not good enough for someone else who’s problem is that? My opinion is its not my issue but theirs, and one thing that’s a fact is. There is no way I am carrying around someone else’s problems by making them my own.


I am happy with who I am, but not so happy that I don’t daily want to become a better me. I wonder what you choose?