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My journey learning continues, it’s amazing how some people on this planet can amaze us. It’s generally the people with less that give the most. The people that have exsperiences of having nothing, or having to fight like there is no tomorrow. I am finding out that true love comes from a pure and grateful heart. In our group Cancer stories 


I am finding that the love in people that have and are suffering is relelntless, it’s never ending. Why? Because we know how much something small means. We know how much a small amount of encouragement meant to us. I continue to blog every day about the stuff I am learning, so that the hope I have in my heart may touch 1 person a day, that’s all I want. That someone has a new start, or a change of heart maybe, or is reminded of what’s important in life. That someone somewhere has the drive to carry on, that someone is encouraged to maybe encourage someone themselves. 

You see we are all winners if we search our hearts and give with the compassion we have ALL been given. I choose as I live to do my best to give something to someone that only I can give, you are the same. As in, only you can do what you do. We are all special people, from shop keepers to surgeons we all have a place. We all have a space in society that’s ours. What we give is relative to what we have, but does not everyone have compassion. I think so, it’s just the people who have been through the mill (so to speak) realise maybe more than others what gifts they have within them. 

A journey starts with a step, it involves tanacity and selflessness. I have been woken up to write this blog, no idea why.  My journey in blogging started with one sentence. “I am a cancer fighter, and I will win” I did not know I would win the battle again but I believed it with my whole heart and stepped out in faith believing I would. Are you willing to do that, to step forwards into the seeming darkness. To move forward, even though there is uncertainty. When ever I sit down to write I never know what will be written only a word sometimes, or a statement that I hear or say myself is the begining of what I write. What happens if I don’t sit down and write it, you will never have read these words. You may never have been spurred on to fight what is your fight. Be it cancer, anxiety, or something else. We can all be achievers, you really can you have just got to make the first step. Then keep moving forwards as you find your own way.

You are more amazing than you are aware of, that first step will take you on a journey of discovery. But that’s up to you, you and only you can make that choice.


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Everything you read are based on my own experience and my own opinions. I express them here to encourage you. Please share with others, if it meant something to you it will to someone else.