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It’s true isn’t it? Life is just a bunch of choices, some say that some choices are bad. I say some choices we learn from. It very much depends on our reaction to the choice that we make. As I have said before, it’s not about focusing on a seemingly negative decision or situation. It’s how we respond that really matters. We met a lovely man today, he was with his two daughters and another male friend. Of course my first reaction was that they had given their wives a break by having the girls with them for breakfast. My how wrong I was, as we talked I realised that not only were they together, but they had adopted those two dear children. They had done a beautiful thing, they had given 2 children a happy home. It was very clear to see how loved they were, paving the way maybe for others to do the same.

We ourselves have it in our hearts to do the same, to adopt a child that needs a home. It was almost like I was being spoken to through this situation, being shown what life would be like to have adopted children in our lives. It was an amazing thing to see,  to see that those children had a loving home, were cared for and loved greatly.  we are here to encourage, love and inspire, whilst leading by example. I just accepted them. 

 When we left breakfast, one of the children who I had been talking to in Donald Duck. Asked her dad this question. “Daddy can I write my name, for Marco Polo”? They were French speaking. Of course she did photo attached, her sister gave me a sticker which is on my I pad and they blew us a kiss as we left. What a privalage to be given those minutes with that family. How heart warming that I now have that memory. Yet all of that would never have happened if I took a different approach. 

What matters is that happiness exsists in their lives, they will make their own choices right or wrong when they are older. Acceptance is amazing, and should be cherished. A loving home is priceless, which brings me to my next blog. But for today I will leave you with a song, that me and an old friend used to play, that I hoped one day my life would be like. Just listen to the words. Because I now have in my life the words to the song.

Have a great day.


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