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Failure is not an option, speak life to yourself. I have blogged similarly before about “we are what we say we are” but isn’t it true that once we choose to love ourselves that we then find our life takes a different path. That things start to fall into place, rather than finding road blocks at every turn. It takes me back to a time in my life where I was a recovery driver, I was in turmoil with myself and made constant mistakes. I had quite a few accidents at that time in my life, looking back because I was not as considered as I am these days. But then I was not in a secure loving relationship like I am now.

For me it was impossible to attain what we have now until I loved myself, because how could I give myself to another when I quite clearly did not like who I was. It’s about choosing to take care of yourself, not only physically by eating well and excercising well which I did. It was about my mind, and spirits health to. It was a choice I had to make, I got into the wrong relationship and confused myself possibly. Sometimes we need to have a new focus, and in my exsperience it’s about putting others first. Making it about others and not yourself. It’s oh so easy to keep talking about me me me. But so much more of an effort to make it about others. Or is it?

On starting my blog in May this year, it became about using what I have learnt and choosing to be open and honest about my experiences with the world. To let others know that maybe what they (you) feel is felt by others as well. Thus maybe helping others to feel that it’s normal to feel what we feel in a possibly horrible situation. We are after all, unique people, yet we experience the same emotions. We feel the same sadness as others in completely different circumstances.

For example: last night we went to dinner with a couple from newyork. No names I will mention, but he was a fire chief. In charge of a battalion of 9 stations, I respect him greatly and is for sure one of life’s successful people. He’s a man that has been honed by many seemingly sad situations but has for sure used those situations to make himself a better man. A man that has allowed life to shape who he has become, making sure he blesses people on the journey we call life. I could go on telling you the stories that he told us, but maybe that’s not for today. The point is we all have sadness to deal with, but it’s our reaction to it that’s the most important. The way we deal with it that really matters.

We can proactively do what we can to make sure that the situation does not occur, but we cannot stop someone else’s actions. All we can do is respond in a good way, our responses are everything. If we are choosing to love ourselves daily, those around us will feel loved to. We effectively affect those around us spreading the love we share, it’s a great place to be.


Have a great week and I hope you choose to love yourself.

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