So this is the storey of how we left Mexico, it began with a stunning lunch that we had had for the past 14 days with a glass of wine. Now although it was 1 pm in Mexico, I had already put my watch forwards to English time which was 7pm, a normal time to have dinner with a glass of wine. It was amazing as always as was the service, a French couple we had met out there took a photo of us. We were over joyed to have spent time at the resort within the resort. Namely Royal club, on the playa maya coast. Next door to a zoo park called the Xcaret. It’s a place where you do not have to lift a finger, drinks are brought to you where you are, waiter service is part of the exsperience. For anything what so ever at any time what so ever. Nothing is off the menu except lobster and champagne. 

It was with a satisfied heart that we left in our taxi at 3pm 9pm British time. On getting to the airport we had a couple of coronas did a bit of shopping and it was time to board. But the flight was not going to be straight forwards like it was on the way there. It was exactly the same plane as going “Jersey girl” a virgin Atlantic plane. Well small hotel with wings really. It was strange being moved off of the stand and seeing the same view for 20 mins. Then hearing the captain say we were going back to the stand, I was a little concerned as were all the other 458 passengers and staff. As time went by it became apparent that my worst nightmare had began. There was a problem with the engine, not only was there a problem but they were going to fix it with us on the plane. (Unbeknown to us) it was quite nice as we looked around seeing how people were making friends and chatting in groups quite happily. There was one couple that were not however, not because of the fact we were delayed. But because they were seated at opposite ends of the economy class to each other. Andie was sat by the window, I was in the middle and there was a girl sat on the Isle.
I was already feeling quite clostrafobic sat in the center seat, the girl sat next to me agreed to swop seats with the girl in the couple so they could be sat on the Isle seats 2 rows apart. Good compromise you may think, but the girl sat next to me was still upset as she had not had a satisfactory time with Virgin, having had the seats she had booked sold to someone else by a holiday agency. I felt sorry for them, they were young and I felt that they had had a rough deal and was prepared to help where I could as was Andie. I saw a solution in my mind that was good for them. For me and Andie to move into Isle seats and they could sit together.

I went and had a chat with the guy, who was over the moon to have me suggest it. So we moved as did they, we call it paying it forwards. Giving someone else we don’t know in the hope that they would do the same for someone else in the future. Little did I know that the repair to the engine would take over 4 hours, then a further 10 hours flying. It was a time I had to put all my tricks I had learnt Into practice, putting myself by the sea in my mind, believing the plane would get us to our destination. Also dealing with the disappointment of having to drive back from London in rush hour traffic, where as without a delay we would have been home by 4 in the afternoon.  On top of all that dealing with the fear of flying, which I dealt with. 

On top of all of the disappointments, there was a fatality on the m25 and a big jam on the m6 close to home which made the 4 hour journey last 8. All this whilst feeling ill with a cold, which has now progressed to diorea and stomach pain. Even so it’s not made the amazing holiday any less, or the amazing people we met, the friendships we made. The celebrations we had, and the love we had feel any less. It was an amazing time, and we are glad we were able to be there with such great people. Thanks to you all. Also thank you for the bottle of Moët that the couple who’s seats we gave, then payed forward to us.

Bad things happen, but we can choose to accept them if we want. Making our day better.

Have a great Sunday.

Mark and Andie.
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