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I don’t know about you, but if I saw something of value I would want to find its owner. I would want to make sure that the owner was reunited with the item that was there. When I got the all clear 4 weeks ago which just so happened to be my birthday also, my wife bought me a Go-pro a camera in a waterproof case. The bill was considerable, but we thought we would be able to capture some great footage with it in the years to come. When we entered the complex where we are staying, we thought it to be private with considered people all around us. Never did we think that our things were at risk, that someone would take the opportunity to take something that’s not theirs.

It’s so sad that people are out there to make you feel so sad, that our disappointment could have totally ruined our time here had we not know our friends James and Becky. Fortunately for us, they lent us a lead that enabled us to upload all of our special moments that we had had up until the dreadful day when our Go-Pro was taken. All of the staff looked for it, but it was in vien. It had to be a guest. Every person was a suspect in my eyes, but no matter what I know that we all get disappointments in life. It goes back to that old chestnut, that we can’t make others choices for them.

So we were faced with a choice, to let it ruin what we had or to LET IT GO. Stress cannot be a part of my life anymore, and we need to be grateful for what we do have. It’s about how we respond to this situation, and I for one am pleased that I was able to upload all of the images and videos before the event took place. I just hope the person that stole it is able to enjoy it as much as we did. I just hope the insurance will replace it for us, which of course does not help us in the next few days as we won’t be able to capture videos like we did before. Like I say though we have what we have, and we will move on. At least we can enjoy what we have.

Cancer has taught me many lessons, but the main one is to enjoy today without letting someone else’s choices spoil what we have to enjoy. So today is Saturday, you won’t read this till we return from our amazing time in Mexico. I wonder what pleasures await us for the rest of the week.

Have a great week