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It can be rewarding to achieve anything, achievement starts with doing what we say. It starts by making that step forwards in self belief,  it’s the same when fighting a disease. When having to have a battle that we did not expect, or that’s got in the way of life. A big bill we did not expect, a family situation where we have to all pull together. There is always someone worse off that ourselves, someone having more to deal with than ourselves. Who do we help really by having our head in our hands, unless we are concentrating on what our next move will be.

Life for me, is about making a choice and moving forwards with the focus in mind to achieve what we set out to do. I have personally without doubt had to do different things to what I intended on doing in the last 5 years. There are things I have said I will do that I have not done as yet, although those things are still in my mind to do.  My focus has been on my health, been on beating the disease that has, as some would see as a hinderance. I don’t see it like that however, I see my cancer that came to take my life as a honing process. That I have chosen to learn from the situations i/we have found ourselves in, to choose to be a better person, to choose to stand up and choose to beat this thing people call cancer.

When a fighter goes into the ring, he has to have trained hard for a long period of time. He has to be in the form of his life, a rugby player playing in the World Cup has trained for years to become the best they can be. Life sometimes does not give us the precious gift of time, but we do have our mind which helps us to make right choices. Shrugging our shoulders is not what winners are made of, but stepping forwards and doing what we say shows the substance of the person you look at in the mirror everyday.

You can be if you choose to be. Use the time you have to do what you say, you can without doubt achieve it. It’s down to you to say you CAN though, there will always be the people that will say you can’t. That was their choice that they made to say that, I say to you CAN because I know what it’s like to beat the odds. Focus on the positives that you have not the things you don’t. It’s a far happier way to live I think.

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