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I am a member of a group on Facebook, like the one I run. Only it’s a survivors group for people that have had cancer in the neck and or head. It’s a great group, people offer support for each other and share their own experiences. As you all know I thrive off making seemingly negative situations into positive ones. Life is a learning curve and on our journeys there are words and phrases I am learning even abbreviations. Like this blog is. 


I read about a persons worry, that they were to have their test tomorrow to make sure cancer was still at bay. She continued to write please pray for NED. I could not work out why she was calling herself NED, her name did not abrieviate to that. Had to use my friend Google to find out, it took a couple of scrolls to find out, that NED was actually very positive. It’s something every cancer sufferer, caregiver, and family member wants to hear for the person close to them. Something we all fight for, then hope to keep.


It’s amazing though that some people will never ever have to worry about what NED means. If it means nothing to you, then I am very pleased for you. Because you obviously have lived life with (No Evidence of Desease) how fortunate a position to be in, to not have to fight to rid yourself something life threatening. Your in a privalaged position right. Well that got me thinking how I think, I won’t listen to negativity, do my best not to involve myself in negativity, and do my best to offer constructive statements.  What if though that by knowing what it’s like to become NED! We enjoy living life more, because I know for sure that I want to enjoy each day that I live all the more.


Isn’t life about speaking life to each other, let’s use an example. Something someone said to me today.  You choose which of these questions is best.

“Are you recovering from your holiday”

“I hope you enjoyed your holiday”

One expects a positive response the other a negative one. The one a person chooses to say is how they exspect life to treat them. I personally like to go on holiday to relax not to become ill, although on this occasion being stuck on the apron for 4 1/2 hours being served warm water in economy, has most certainly made us both unwell. 

I am most certainly on the mend from my infection, which is a relief. But learning what NED means is what I want for everyone, what I hope for for everyone. I guess it does start with our attitude to life, how we responded to situations in life up to this point. I for one feel fortunate that I go for the positive bless people approach and I learnt this way because I had to become NED. It’s because I had to fight for NED that I realise what the outcome of positivity can bring. That makes me thankful to have had cancer, and thankful that I am now myself NED. Please remember those that are fighting to be NED themselves in your prayers.  Whilst if you are NED being grateful for each day we have with no evidence of Desease.  Life is for living, for loving those in it, giving positivity where ever possible. 


Thank God for NED.

Have a great day



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Everything you read are based on my own experience and my own opinions. I express them here to encourage you. Please share with others, if it meant something to you it will to someone else. It took me an hour to write, but will take you a second to share.