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Todays challenge is today’s,  yesterday’s challenges are to be learnt from or forgotten. One thing I have learnt to do (learning to do) is to leave negativity behind. Refuse it in my life, to choose only positive choices. The more days I live like this, the more love I feel for the ones that truly care about me. The more important true friends become. It does not matter who you are, what challenges you will face, it’s about what we choose to accept in our lives. People work together not because they are perfect, but because they are willing to accept everything about them. Life is about accepting where someone is at, or walking away. A friend will accept you with all your flaws, its a great place to be, being accepted no matter what. They are the family we choose.

Isn’t it about not remembering the past that’s no good, isn’t it about remembering the good stuff, encouraging someone when they feel that they can’t, helping them to believe that they can. I know I have made many mistake and God knows I have been reminded of such often. But I want to break that process, I won’t listen to negativity. I only want positives in my life, even if it’s a negative situation like cancer I WILL turn it around. There is no room in life for dwelling on the past, dwelling on dark places that were. It’s about the daylight, it’s about learning from the past to make our future better.

When I beat cancer the first time, I carried on smoking, carried on eating saturated fats, carried on eating processed foods that my body had no idea how to process. It came back, WOW massive surprise. Of course it came back I had made no life changes. The changes I have made, are to eat limited saturated fat, less bread and eat allot of food that grew in the ground. Vegetables are something I never ate in my past, I was a meat man. Not now I will eat my veggies before I finish my meat, if we are hit by cancer we need to make amendments, educate ourselves, and make sure that the changes we make, are ones that will help give ourselves, the best chances to keep cancer away. Although my cancer was not linked to my lifestyle, it can’t help to higher my chances of never getting it again. Can it.

Leave the past where it is, unless it’s to learn from that’s what I am learning. It’s a shame wise people (I am not wise yet) are usually to old to benefit from it. I just hope that some people reading these blogs, become wise before their time benefiting from their past.

Have a great week


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