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Whenever I write a blog, it’s from my own exsperience not taking anything from google or anywhere else. It’s just about what my exsperiences have been, of course it can’t be disputed, argued or disagreed with. Because it’s a memory, an exsperience or a feeling that I have had in the life I have lived. Many of you know I am writing a book which will be out next year, a book that has more than one focus. But has a strong element of honesty in it, it describes how certain times in my life have felt maybe even some of my blogs will be in it to. Maybe someone will think that some are worthy to be in my book I can’t tell you what it’s called just yet as it’s not published. But one thing is for sure, it will mean something to everyone.

So for 31 years I smoked tobacco substances, for proberbly 25 of those years I enjoyed it. I did have a 4 year break where I was not an every day smoker, it was a period that I was restricted from smoking, I did still find ways though. I was in rehab at the time, we bought cars from auction. When they came in we used to empty the ash trays, and make roll ups from the dimps we found in the ash trays. I also smuggled tobacco in using the back of my stereo. My iron was also a great way to hide tobacco in, I am sure Albert slow man would find this funny as he always wondered why I had an iron. It’s one of those things, when you are addicted to smoking it’s a part of every day life, like eating. You are going to do it, you need it even. Smoking means you are addicted to nicotine, it takes over your life, you get up in the morning and it’s the first thing you crave along with a coffee or 4. 

Seems I am not supposed to post this, or someone is trying to discourage me somewhere, as this completely written blog has just vanished so I am having to write it again. I will continue.

Some say addiction is a desease, I say it’s a choices that it’s us who decides to do it or not. When you are addicted we come up with all sorts of excuses in our minds as to why we should do it. Excuses as to why it’s a bad idea to give it up, some may even think that nicotine is not a drug. Well I must tell you it’s the next most addictive substance to heroin. On walking through the doors on my final leg of the 5 year journey beating cancer, I walked into a room to be isolated from the world! to have my bone marrow transplant, where I could not smoke. I had a choice to walk out of the room and go outside for a cigarette. But I needed to choose life for me and my wife. To give myself the best chance possible to rid myself of this disease. Turning my back on it and walking away. 

 I needed to believe by faith that I could do it. To step out and make the first move, to choose not to do it, to choose a new way of life. To change and do things like eat the right foods, eat more greens, exercise and choose to not smoke. Everyday it’s about choosing to do what’s right. When I walked through those doors, I had to choose to do, or not do. To walk away from what was and walk towards a new way of living, I replaced my addiction with something else. You are reading it right now, these days when I wake up I pick up my I pad, it’s a choice to live like that to choose to encourage others as apposed to wasting life. When I walked through those doors I also chose to write every day for a year. That was 6 months ago.

What’s your choice that you will make only you can decide, but I tell you from my experience it’s like being freed from a prison you chose to be in. I only hope you can choose to make that step of faith and make your own life better. You won’t know if it’s a better way, until you make the step. Will you?

Have a great day


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Everything you read are based on my own experience and my own opinions. I express them here to encourage you. Please share with others, if it meant something to you it will to someone else. It took me an hour to write, but will take you a second to share.