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Today I want to talk with you about something positive, yes of course I understand that there cannot be a positive without a negative or how would we know it was positive. Like there has to be a down if there is an up. A left if there is a right, but do negative things have a positive effect on our lives. My answer is Yes. disagree let me explain.
When something seemingly negative happens in our lives, like cancer, someone passing, an accident. It makes us STOP, it makes us think about life, take stock maybe think differently about our life. Think thoughts like, why wasn’t I there? What could I have done differently? Why did I not do more? They are all valid thoughts you may think. For me they are very negative, although challenging and if it’s challenging to us, then there has to be a positive outcome right? It’s about using what’s seemingly negative to be positive. A battery can’t produce power without a negative. In fact the negative is what makes the positive exactly that. Positive.

When I got cancer the second time my very first thought was, “how can I turn this around to benefit others” I was not going to bury my head and hide like I did the first time. After a great deal of thought and chatting to myself and my wife. I decided to start writing, I gave myself a challenge to write every day for 365 days. I was not very good at it, or so I thought. But one thing I did know was that if I did, then and only then I would get better at it in my recovery. Now I am not saying that I am good at writing, but I am saying that there has to have been an improvement over the last 6 months whilst writing. Hasn’t my thinking at least become more positive, using what I saw as something I was not good at, turned it around and made myself better by being determined. 

Our lives, arnt they all about responding to situations, we can see them as negative if we so want to, hold our heads in our hands. OR we can DO something, by that very action of Doing don’t we then start to make that situation positive because we are now doing where we would not have done in the past. If you live in the North west, you will have seen the drab houses that people complained about, even wanted knocking down. In Moston Manchester.


Someone had a vision to use those seemingly dilapidated houses for good, to make them into places for people that have served our country. People that have serious injuries, that require different needs to the normal person. I am sure some folk thought it would never happen. But Nick knowles and his team of people on DIY SOS made the first move. Then people came out of the wood work and helped giving their time for free. It started with a thought that some saw as negative, but Nick turned it into an amazing reality benefiting many families.

So now the families that are in seemingly negative situations, find themselves surrounded by positives, with neighbours that have similar stories. Your journey may start with a negative situation, but you can make that situation a positive one. It may not be you that benefits, but trust me you do in the end. Let’s be a nation that does.
Have a great weekend.