Alone, are you happy with who you are? Do you think you can be better, are you the best you can be.Were you always as good as you could be?  Does it even matter what you were?

Well for me it matters greatly what you were, because it means you will have or not learnt certain things in your life. What you were Helps to Mold what you will become.The lessons we have learnt shape who we are today. I love the sentence in the lion king, when simbas girlfriend says to him “you are more than what you have become” because we all are arnt we until the day we die. My wife always says to me when she learns something new “every day’s a school day” 

Everyday when I get up, well right now I have not gotten up, and I won’t until I have written today’s blog. Then at some point today I will write tomorrow’s proberbly when my wife’s watching City beat United. Anyway everyday when I get up I rejoice, I almost skip because I am that greatful to have a new day ahead of me. So many times on the cancer fight I could have given up, so many times I could have turned and wasted what was left of my life. But I didn’t, I for one am overjoyed just to be able to write to you and for you. Does it really matter who I was, we all know it did at the time we know it shaped who we are today. But today is what matters, what we do right now is what matters. So even though football is not on my to do list, my wife is passionate about it, so it’s a time I will enjoy it with her whilst also doing what I am passionate about.

When I complete my 365 days blogging each day, we are going to see some of this amazing country we live in, Scotland perhaps. But definitely Cornwall and Devon. Take my wife to see my friends at Gilead who I seem to back in touch with so many of them of late. The place where so many folk had good intentions towards the people there, a place where I saw miriacles happen. Baby lambs being born, calves being born, piglets born and people’s lives were touched by a person I call God by his Holy Spirit. It’s easy to forget where we have been, and what we were. But it’s healthy I think sometimes to remember so we can be grateful for what we have become.

I am grateful I had the mindset to find the strength to beat cancer, I am grateful to all the people that contributed. The nurses, doctors medical staff in what ever capacity because YOU gave me life. I will now walk the dog with a thankful heart, I may even have the odd skip as I walk (now that will look odd) are you grateful for your life?  Have you ever thought “who was I” have a go it will do you good.

Have a. Great day

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