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You are and you don’t even know it, the things that cost no money are the most worthwhile things that we have, but yet you won’t even bother to be thankful for it or them. You proberbly won’t even share this blog. Think about everything that you may moan about, car won’t start, a bill, some work you have had done on the house, how far a journey is, traffic, the government,taxes, etc etc are these all not a consequence of your very own success. People moan and groan about this and that, the neighbours (me included i am human to) the bin men, having to do meanial tasks, like cleaning, washing up, hoovering. But we forget ( well I do anyway ) sometimes what we do have that no amount of money can buy.

My thoughts go to people that have had berievments, I mean Micheal Jacksons money could not save him from himself, or his health. Amy wine house what a waste, Whitney, and many many more. Their money could not save them from the disorders that contributed to them eventually dieying or self destructing, depends how you choose to look at it. One thing is for sure however, is that some are wise with their wealth. Cliff Richard maybe, I don’t know who but there are people out there that don’t squander it on drink and drugs.

So what am I trying to say, it’s quite simple really. Some of you reading this may already do it, but others from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep are 100 miles an hour and don’t stop to appreciate anything, what’s the point in life if we can’t stop to enjoy it, if we can’t rest a little and take in the amazing surroundings that is called our world. The things that are free, the things we exsperience that cost nothing at all except our time. They are the things that make us rich, they are the things that make life worth living.

It’s autum right now, and the colours on the leaves make for spectacular photographs. The birds that sing in the trees throw out an amazing chorus, the simple sounds of children playing having fun. It’s not hassle to clean up the mess it’s a consequence of giving an exsperience to a child finding out about life. Splashing in puddles, kicking the autum leaves and making that leafy sound. Being able to dance, sing, smile and be happy. These are priceless, the things we can do that cost nothing, the walks with our dog (should you have one) the views our eyes can see, the sound of the sea, wildlife that we come across. They all should have the wow factor. But we don’t even stop to appreciate them. I want to suggest that tomorrow if your busy schedule allows, that you stop for a while. That you take a moment to take in the morning chorus of the birds singing, to just appreciate that you have air to breath, you have a life to live and a family to love, even if there is no more family just you. We are all connected somehow, we have all got things to be grateful for, and people we can share it with.

Choose to think about what’s priceless in your life, choose to be happy about that rather than the negativity that after all if you think about it. All that’s negative is created by man, be it in our minds or by machine. Choose to take a moment to look at the sunset and sunrise. It’s an amazing world if we take the time to look around at how rich you really are.

 Enjoy your day, and the riches that surround you

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