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The most important thing in life.
You ever stopped to think what’s the most important thing on earth. Whats more important than anything else. I have had a dream for about a year now perhaps a little longer. Since I went to a lovely village in Pembrokeshire. A dream to live in a house there, and run a holiday cottage separate to the house. 

It’s something we all need, no one of us is excluded from animals to humans. We rely on it for our very existence, so much is dependant on it. As you all know by now I am recovering from cancer, in something that some call, Recovery, or remission. I have been here before, but the dream did not exist back then because I had never been to Pembrokeshire and seen the amazing place. You see, it really does not matter what your post code is as to where you have to go for check ups. Although it’s an awesome thing to think or even dream, to live the life we both dream of. Without my health I would not live any life, southport hospital has without doubt saved my life, twice. Without the team there I would not be living the life I have. So to move to another hospital where I don’t know anyone is daunting to say the least. I won’t have to, why? Because I am a fast tracked target patient. Why do I get this preferential treatment, well that’s because I invested in health care by agreeing to go on a trial that in years to come will help other patients.
Neither of us can see my health compromised, after all it’s the one thing that enables us all to do. What can we do without our health, unless of course you are an extra ordinary person like Stephen Hawkins, who goes to work every day by the way. I see people with all sorts of disorders when I go to the hospital where I am right now. People having to deal with all sorts of things, it’s humbling just to be able to talk with these people and share things with them.

Isn’t it amazing how our blood can defend against disorders in our bodies, without the NHS what would we do as a nation, how would we get better. It brings me to another fact of how the pharmaceutical companies make so much money in the process, but without them how would we get healed. Well I do think that there are ways of healing ourselves naturally, but who has those answers. I have a friend called Rob who is teaching me much about how to look after myself by what we do, say, and eat. I have another friend called Paul who is teaching me much about nutrition. Well not so much teaching as opposed to leading me to the right places.
But believe me the most important thing in life to cherish is your health, of course it’s not just a healthy body. It’s a out mind, body and spirit. They are all important parts of our health, in future blogs I will touch on ideas in relation to those different areas of our health. Because they all help us to stay in good shape. Have a great Friday, we will be out celebrating getting the all clear and going on 3 monthly visits. 
Keep well and all the best

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