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POST NUMBER 200. (In as many days)

Imagine for a moment, that your in your last moments. That your at home and the last hours of your life are ticking by. What would be the most important and treasured. Would you want wheeling out to see your treasured car, I might. Would you want to look at the certificates you have gained throughout your life, would you want to see the fish you have tended for many years? (I love my fish) I had a conversation with a guy I trust the other day, we spoke about longevity, about how there are spectacular lies about many things engineered by people that want money. I mean if you were in your last hours would you want to know how much money you had in the bank. Would it really be about things you have accrued over the years.

Let me put it to you like this, the people I have loved the most in my life have been people that love people, people that are not perusing wealth but perusing happiness and taking others with them on the journey before them. People that I call salt of the earth people. Call me judgemental if you like, but if you even think that it’s because you don’t have that mind set. You don’t know what I mean about people being so special. 

If I were to answer the question myself, I would say nothing about the car I have cherished for years, my possessions, bank balance etc it would be about the people I have loved and do love today. There will be many more people that will come with us on our journey before its time to say good bye, but I want to live longer to achieve that. To spend more years on this planet affecting people with the love that I have within me. God gave me a heart full of love for people, I know that now. I have chased all sorts of things in my life. I am sad that I did that because sharing the love that God talks about is so very special, so much more important than any THING on this planet. We have been given the ability  to love, we have been given the ability to give from our hearts. Wow how I have and do enjoy spending time with people we love. It’s precious and to be cherished.

One thing I work hard on but fail every day is listening,  sometimes it’s because if I don’t get my words out then I forget perhaps because I am getting older or perhaps the chemo that’s damaged my memory. I don’t know. But which ever it is it’s a reason, but I endeavour to listen more. It’s what I want to achieve when around people, I do have an asset that helps me be that. She’s called my wife and she digs me in the ribs if I talk to much.

Cherish the people in your life, they won’t be there forever, but it’s up to you what you do, or do not do with them in their lives. 

Much love


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