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In life occasionally we bump into someone, who quite literally sets us alight. I have met many people with colourful lives. But I want you all to know about a lady I have fallen in love with. I am quite literally head over heals in love with her. What is her name? Well most call her “nanny ice pop”, although her real name is Alice. If she was to meet you she would be very proud to tell you that she is now the grand old age of 87. She was so proud to tell us of her 28 grand children, her 35 great grand children and her 1 great great grandchild. I sat next to my wife at a party we had not even been invited to. By the hosts anyway. As Alice chatted way to me with Mary who herself is 80.

  2 are missing dad Eric and sister Irene.
This Lady called Alice. When I tell you I fell in love with her, it was not a choice. It was a feeling that was over whelming, a feeling of compassion and wanting to hear more and more stories from her beautiful lips. I found Alice to be so real, so honest and yet cheeky. What allot of fun to be around Alice is, although she appears to be going at 100 mph she still finds the time to make you feel special. She does not judge you, just accepts who you are and wants to know about you, not who she thinks you shoul be. She moves like an 18 year old, and I cannot stop thinking about her. She has stolen my heart and run off down the garden path with it.

Alice lived in Leyland with her husband Eric, who is sadly no longer with us. She won’t mind me telling you that she sleeps in her daughter Rita’s bed at night. Rita was one of her 8 children, who she adored, she did when they were growing up and still does now. They spent a huge amount of time in worden park, as you can imagine having 8 children was not cheap. But worden park was huge, and they used it like it was their garden. The family of 10 lived in a small 3 bedroomed house in leyland, and from what I can tell lived very happily together. She was totally devoted to her husband Eric, and could not spend enough time with her children. For Alice and Eric it was never about down time away from the children, it was always about ways to spend time with the children. 

They holidayed 2 days a year in Blackpool, it wasn’t much but I bet the excitement in the house was awesome. Nana ice pop did some funny things to, like she threw her purse at Eric which continued past his head and went straight threw the window. Oh how those children must have laughed. Liz (her daughter) remembers her testing how hot the iron was with her tongue not her finger. I don’t suppose I need tell you what the out come of that was.

  This is Alice, last Saturday.
Nana ice pop has a tattoo of in memory of her late husband Eric. let me exsplain a little. I first knew of this family because I set up a group on Facebook called “cancer stories”. A support group. Liz my friend well more like my sister now to be honest, Joined she told me how her sister Rita had never told her storey and hoped she would tell me. She did, not only that Rita chatted to me often, she had Liver cancer I believe and died a short while later. Almost a year ago now. Rita’s husband Carl also died of throat cancer at 56, the same as I had twice. Both Alice and Rita have a tattoo, which they went and got together, Rita’s for her husband Carl and Alice’s for her husband Eric. You see so much bad happens because of cancer, but so much good has come of our small group called cancer stories. So now maybe you understand why Alice sleeps in Rita’s bed. I am so glad I was able to tell this story, and so honoured to know this family. Be thankful for what you do have, not what you don’t.

Have a great day everyone