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Yesterday. I wrote about a lady I met called Alice. It was amazing seeing all the comments from around her home town and indeed from around the world. Just how many people were liking reading about her. But why has writing about her been read by so many, it is without question the best day for views my blog has ever had. Why because of a lady who wanted me and my wife to meet her family. I won’t mention Nichola by name but (oops) it’s funny how a chain of kindness had lead to so much happiness.

How just writing a few words, can have such a profound effect on so many people. I can’t tell you how many messages I responded to but it was allot, I just love the circle of life how when we bless someone it blesses us in return. You may not see what your kindness does, but it is a fact that people love hearing about people’s lives. That’s why this is your life did so well I guess, people love to hear good things and great stories.


Giving in this selfish world I guess, is unusual. Everybody rushing around trying to make a decent living, undercutting people, making sure that their lives are the best they can be. But I think today has revealed one of life’s secrets, something I have believed for a long time. Me and my wife live by one sentence “you reap what you sow” we can kinda see my blog as sowing seeds daily.m All I have in my head every time I blog is “encourage someone” nothing else. I am finding it amazing how because I am doing this everyday.mi never don’t post. I am committed to doing it for 365 days we are on day 203.

Watching a video made by Clare Blackburn and all of the comments people have taken time to write was so special, but this is just the start for me. I have beaten cancer twice and feel fortunate to be alive, my intention is to bless people everyday of the life that remains. It’s like a mission that I am on, to affect people’s lives, to make a difference. To help people to see light where there is darkness, to enjoy seeing faces light up when they are blessed. I just hope it’s infectious and others start to do the same like in the movie paying it forward. Spread a little love


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Everything you read are based on my own experience and my own opinions. I express them here to encourage you. Please share with others, if it meant something to you it will to someone else. It took me an hour to write, but will take you a second to share.