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Well how are you today? I ask because I am interested, I am not one of these people that asks then wishes I had not when you start to tell me, how indeed you are. I mean it, and respond to everyone that responds to me. You may or may not be aware, of me. It seems many people are starting to read what I write, and what is written by others. Writing here has never been about me wanting anything, it’s always for me been about encouraging people, especially those fighting cancer and anything else hard to face. Having exsperienced it first hand, I have from the bottom of my heart wanted to encourage someone everyday for 365 days. To help just 1 person a day to carry on, to believe they would be able to get to the other end.

Oh I know only to well how hard it is, but just to know someone else has won the fight is encouragement in its self right? So I have started this blog you are reading, doing what I set out to do, to continually write to encourage people daily. At times I have grown weary, I have felt like it’s pointless at times. That people don’t read it anyway, I had to fight off all these negative thoughts. Like we all have them, in our own walks of life, I know that. I am just sharing with you my journey.  Then as time went on a faithful few started to share what I write, then people commented. With every comment, and every share it was like energy to me, like coal on a fire is to a steam train. People have kept me fired up, even sending me messages that you don’t see.

You see we all have a place, we all have a position in society. We have choices everyday to bless others or take for ourselves. The most successful people give opportunities to others, or encourage others to move forwards. They are people that help others get to places they hope to get, these people in life make us feel good. They give us the fuel we need to carry on. 

Yesterday one of those people was a conservative MP called Semma Kennedy, she sent me this letter.

You can’t imagine how I felt, it was totally out of the blue. It stunned me that someone had taken the time to find my address and Mail this to me.  It has given me hope as I hope it gives you hope also, that there are good people out there. People that really do care, and actively show it. After all this blog would not even exsist without it. In the end if we keep moving forwards, there has to be rewards. My rewards are never financial, mine are far more precious than that. My rewards are seeing happiness on others faces, getting all clear reports and knowing someone chose to keep going because they, were encouraged by my storey and writings. They are my rewards, yesterday was one of those days. 

Thank you for reading, and thank you Seema for making my day.


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Everything you read are based on my own experience and my own opinions. I express them here to encourage you. Please share with others, if it meant something to you it will to someone else. It took me an hour to write, but will take you a second to share.