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Having the best or being the best, what’s your choice. In this blog I will endeavour to tell you what my thoughts are on this subject. Learning can be a painful process, when beating cancer. It was hard to focus on other things whilst experiencing the pain. It was difficult to focus on what others were in need of whilst feeling what my body was experiencing. I never write a blog from a spiritual angle, I write from my heart and what ever you believe will convert these words and relate it to your very own beliefs. I personally dislike religion, but I do have a faith and an understanding  of who God is to me. People are preached to taught if you like. But the system demands we learn certain things, that we must study certain things. 

No system can teach anyone what I have learnt, what cancer has taught me. Unless indeed you yourself have cancer, people who face loosing life are consumed with saving it. People who have not are consumed with things, with having things. Instead of enjoying a life with things in it. If what I am saying does not make sense then I am actually pleased. Because that means you have never had cancer.

Seems we are not supposed to ask certain questions, that we should just be put in a box and operate within certain parameters. For me personally I prefer to focus on being as apposed  to having. Why because my exsperience of having includes having cancer. I much prefer things like Being happy, content, loved, able to love, able to hug. If you are able then you can be all the things that being allows us to Have. 

So my conclusion, by being able to love, be loved, content, happy, along with being comes the gift of Having all that life offers. The ones that focus on having before, Being. Will never actually be happy. My hope is that we all learn that being is the most important part of life. Being the best you can be is the very best of everything. I believe what ever you are inside is eventually revelaed.
Have a great Sunday,