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I do struggle some days, people think maybe that I am just better that there is no fight in recovery. Well let me tell you, or (inform you) that it really does take a long time to recover from any form of treatment. It does not have to be chemotherapy it can be anything. I have had a spate of negativity sent to me, it’s surprising who gets used to dish that out. But sometimes I just feel like throwing the towel in, I get saddened that people’s opinions matter so much to them that they cannot accept another’s as theirs has to be right. On talking to my wife about it, it reaffirmed to me that anyone can write a blog to give folk a different perspective or viewpoint. That it’s nothing to do with me if someone responds negatively, after all there can be no positive with that anyway.

I so wanted to find a reason to not do this blog everyday, but I did not find one. Why? Because I always look to the positives of what writing these blogs do for so many, so I could only find my reason to do. There is no reason not to, because doing something that causes a response is better than doing nothing and having no response at all. I come across all sorts of people everyday, just because I write. I do not consider myself to be good at it, my grammar and spelling are not great. But I do speak from my heart, it’s on my sleeve and even though I may be judged for what I write, my spelling, my grammar. I WILL do what I set out to do. To write everyday for 365 days, I hope you find them helpful somehow. Don’t think I am moaning in this blog just telling you how I feel. 

So is it not better to find a reason to do, I guess if who ever finds what I write not for them they are the ones that can make the choice not to. It’s about that sentence we have talked about often, to keep moving forwards. To keep moving forwards inch by inch as long as it’s forwards, people’s opinions will always differ, it’s human nature. I am thankful I am able to communicate that I had a certain level of education, although I didn’t do well at English. As you can proberbly tell. Anyway my English is not what my blogs are about. They are about encouraging folk to carry on, to encourage people suffering that they can. That even if you feel you can’t that you have it within them to DO. 

So I leave it with you to choose to find your reason to do. Or a reason not to do. That’s your choice, the source you choose to gain that strength is also up to you. But I choose to get mine at the foot of the cross knowing I am nothing without the breath that I breath. We all have our choices to make, and I think the trick is to accept and love ALL people the best we can.

Happy Tuesday,