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No one likes change. Change brings new challenges in our lives that we are not used to. It can even change the samantics of a relationship. Some change is easy because it’s pleasant, but other changes in life can be confusing and even upsetting. Some people just like things the way they like them. Like one of my friends he wears the same clothes because he likes them. You never see him is anything else just what he knows. I started writing this blog 105 days ago so I figured it was about time to get it done. There have been many poinient days in my life where there has been dramatic changes. Some may say that cancer was proberbly the worst for me. Although I understand that much change has happened, and a different life had to be gotten used to. There was a day where more people had to face change, not just me, but thousands of people.

It was a day when everything would go pitch black in a split second, a time when hundreds of lives were affected because of a car bomb. I have to go back to a time I had decided I would go and meet my then friend who I spoke to every night on the phone. Long distance friendships relyed heavily on phone conversations every night, which I really looked forwards to. On getting back to my room in Devon we would chat on the phone. On this particular day I should have gone to see her that day and been with her about 1 pm that day. That would have put me right by her side that day. 

I got home later than normal and made a bee line straight for the phone, I rang  her home in omagh Northern Ireland but the phone lines were engaged, after about 6 times of phoning and hearing the engaged tone I decided to have a wash, the news came on in the other room and I thought I heard the name Omagh on the TV. Weird I thought, I should have been there right now, enjoying an evening meal by now. I heard it again, this time drying my face and walking into the living room where I realised the dark truth of what had happened that day. I remember slowly sitting down as I realised how close that was to her flat. I remember waking up with the phone in my arms, I had tried so hard to get through to find out if she was ok.


Responding to bad news is the making of a person, it was 7am when one of the staff came to tell me that she was alive but injured. The memories I have of that day, the fact I should have been there to sent shivers down my spine. Possibilities raced though my mind, but what ever the outcome, I was going that day. I wanted to take the belief of our foundation the faith in the people there that she would become well. Indeed after a long journey I ended up there by her bed side the next day.  I sat there day after day praying that God would make a miriacle happen that she would walk again. I along with many other people believing that she would walk again, that she would walk unaided one day. Although we are not together today, ( she made a good recovery ) nothing can change what happened that day. But the exsperience certainly helped me and my attitude towards cancer.  In my belief that I could overcome as she did. 

That it’s how we respond to the situation not the actual change itself. I often think about all the families that were affected that day, I could tell you more. But the point is, only when put outside of our comfort zone do we really find out the true substance of a person. Everyone has a story to tell, but life’s about giving no matter what the situation. Also learning the lessons that life has shown us, maybe we all have something to learn through our darkest days as well as being grateful for the life we have to live.

Be strong, your stronger than you think!

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