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I personally would love to start a wave of paying it forward, I remember starting a group called pay back where people put up what they had done for other people in selfless acts. You will never know what your actions do in people’s lives, how much something so little can mean so much. Oh you have heard it before, you don’t want to read because you know what’s coming. Just bear with me. You see I am learning about the ripple effect at the moment, what you do can effect a persons life. But what if that person also decides to do something good themselves, because of what you did. Do we not help to enhance more than one persons life, do we not encourage many without realising it.

It’s like blogging for me, for me everyday it’s about giving something, of course it’s always my time. For me though it’s so much deeper than that, it’s about energy, honesty and showing someone there is hope. Yesterday, although it should be today’s blog. I talked about how I was struggling to rise up above the negativity. How I was finding it tough at times, what happens. Oh well that created a wave, that came and washed over me, renewing my strength by what people said to me. People told me that I should carry on writing, I was encouraged so very much. Because I bothered to write, because I bothered to tell you how I felt. I found something out as well which was quite amazing, that I could never have known.

 It turns out that one of the Royal Liverpool staff that came in to make my room spotless everyday has been talking about my blog to other bone marrow transplant patients. Telling them what my website is so that they can read whilst in hospital, being encouraged by what they were reading. I only found out because a friend of mine was round at the house yesterday and she knew the person who had been on the unit having a transplant. It’s such a small world, yet my time in that room is still having a ripple effect. I can’t tell how pleased I was to hear that.

Why don’t you start your own ripple effect, it’s beautiful no matter what the reaction. That reaction makes another ripple and before we know it many lives have been touched by that ripple. But guess what, there could be no ripples what so ever if you choose to do nothing. If you choose not to make one, but then you will not achieve anything in another’s life if you don’t start your own ripple. What’s stopping you doing that today, this lunch time, tonight. Don’t put it off rejoice in the day you have today and make some ripples. what ever you decide to do, you will find out sooner or later that it had an effect somewhere. How humbling to know there are people out there still being touched by I ripple Bourne out of a negative situation. If we live then so should we give, it’s the circle of life that makes us stronger.

Have fun and please let me know how you got on.

Have a great day


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