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Its a funny old life isn’t it, in this world we never ever know who we may meet on our travels. I have met all sorts of people from all sorts of walkS of life, because of cancer. Because maybe even because I myself have been nice. Everything in life can have a positive impact if we allow it to. It’s a beautiful world if we want to see the beauty right in front of us, it’s a shame that so many get bogged down with problems. It has come to light in many forums that I should be doing more, not that I am not already doing allot because I am trust me. Today I have written 3 blogs. There was a time that I would have struggled to write  one. Because I spent so much time looking for the keys on the key pad, no one has taught me how to use a hand held. Not like the young ones coming through school now, who can text blindfolded.

As we live our lives I am learning not to assume, to be a listener as opposed to a problem solver. To be less quick to provide the solution, such is the nature of men. We are fixers and create solutions in situations, sometimes it’s an idea to shut up and listen. We will learn till the day we die, till that day I find myself on a journey called life as opposed to an existence called life, that some call it. You know the ones, those that shrug their shoulders saying “that’s life” as opposed to taking life by the scruff of the neck and living. Those that blame situations instead of using the situation to benefit one and all.  I know I sound like a scratched record, but most things can be turned around if we choose to.

There are things we can’t stop, like the  crashing of the waves, day and night.mwe can do the  best we can with each day that we have. Do what ever your conscience is telling you to, just enjoy what you have and the life you lead. I have had allot of hiccups in my journey. I have chosen to use them to help others as opposed to making them into an excuse or even a reason why I didn’t. I may not be doing what I had planned, but sometimes as Robbie says in the song Feel. God sometimes laughs at our plans because he has something very different lined up for us, if indeed we choose to use it for good.

People (they label themselves) say to me, why don’t you speak so much about God. The reason is because I believe religion is not of God. I believe faith is of God and what I write I believe by faith that the reader will interpret it as they see fit. 

We called our dog Faith and if you have it or not if you want to stroke our dog, you have no choice but to have faith. People argue over the bible and what it means. I find it funny how people even disagree. It is after all allot of the reason for war. Only one will judge and it’s not me, I just want to do my best to exsterminate darkness with light. A friend of mine, (a good friend) reminded me of that today. “Darkness cannot exsist where there is light” how very true. Let’s stop judging each other and start loving each other. It seems to me that the world is short of “Real love in the world that we live in”.

Will you join me in shining a light in the darkness. You can help this happen with us, will you? Or will you just continue to judge your fellow man in the choices he/she makes. You shoot me you kill your brother, you love me you encourage mankind. You choose.


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Everything you read are based on my own experience and my own opinions. I express them here to encourage you. Please share with others, if it meant something to you it will to someone else.