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What do you do with your life? That’s a question only you can answer. For me my days are pretty much tied up with making sure my wife has everything she needs, I do for her. Like lots of modern Men i do the shopping. Yep that’s right I go shopping, I do the cooking mostly. But as I go about my day I am always looking for a face that I think needs a smile, always looking to bless someone somehow. To help someone have a better day, I am after all, like you a living walking talking miracle.

I talk to people on the Internet, people facing cancer in our group Cancer stories, I do my best to encourage them. I have been watching some informative videos of late called “the truth about cancer” how “sadly” the world does not want to reveal the truth about cancer and does not want the world to stop having chemo. It’s quite eye opening but also frightening to think that the pharmaceutical companies want us to have the drugs so they can continue making the amount of money they do. 

I look at ways to improve my health everyday, because I have the time to. My waking day is very broken, I am still very tired, but as my friend Deanna said yesterday. She has had the same as me but did not smoke cigarettes. Maybe that’s a contributory factor in my tiredness. I am not upset by it, just frustrated that I can’t do more. We are looking at ways we can bless other people by looking after them here in our home. (Watch this space) 

Many people message me daily from all walks of life, and I like to make time for them everyday. I sometimes struggle to get through them all because of how lethargic I feel. But I do. Facing losing my life make me want to live a life, as opposed to enduring a life. Some might say it’s an endurance because they are thinking about themselves, once you start to think about others before yourself. That’s when life becomes enjoyable and more of a daily gift. It’s 7.30am and I can’t hear the birds this morning. I don’t know why, I never could in hospital either, I hope all is well.  That pretty well sums me up, there is more to my day of course, but it’s a relief to be on 3 monthly visits now to hospital. But at the same time I miss the staff to. Especially my friend Lynne.
 Have a great day all, and I hope you find time to bless someone.