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Right now, I feel honoured to be English. The game between England and France has begun. To be a part of a country that shows so much respect to our fellow man. We are indeed a respectful nation, how privalaged I feel to have been born here. That I don’t have to fear war because of those that have gone before me. Dare I say that good things can come out of Evil, that our response is so very important across the world. Right now I am in tears, not because I am unhappy. Because I am filled with grief for my fellow man, through no fault of their own people chose to steal life. This video created by ITV completely sums up for me anyway,  the way (the correct way) if indeed there is a correct way to respond to evil. I am a man who has become grateful for life, grateful for any moments that life gives us that we enjoy. I have fought for my life so maybe the sentiments ring louder in me. But I am sure it will resonate loudly with you also.

I think this is all I will write today. Don’t forget to tell your loved ones how much you love them. Today is the only day you have.


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