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Did you know that neither black or white are colours, it’s only everything In between that are colours. It’s the same with cancer you either have it or you don’t. Hey guess what, I don’t. If you do be encouraged, feel empowered because although it took 5 1/2 years to beat I did indeed beat it. I won so to speak, it makes me feel like a world champion even makes me tearful that I did indeed beat the thing. It involved allot of people for it to work, one person who was a huge influence in me freeing myself of this disease is/was Andies boss. I won’t name Rachel it would not be fair (oops) but if it was not for her kindness and understanding I may just have given up as Andie would not have been able to give me the time and care that she did.

What people do or don’t do is quite simply the same as black and white, they do or they don’t. It’s the same in most walks of life really isn’t it. It’s the doing that takes the effort, quite simply Rachel did when I was ill. She did for Andie which in turn helped me. She knows how much I appreciate what she did for us. Quite literally contributing to saving my life. Now that’s gotta look good on a C.V.

Yes I am able to say those wonderful words,mthose words that make me feel free. “I AM CANCER FREE”  it’s the same as sentences like “I can walk again” “I can see” through determination and the goodness of people that choose to contribute. When your faced with that choice I hope you choose to make a difference as opposed to saying “ah someone else will sort it” make sure that person is you.

Me and my friend were talking about yin and yang last night and how there is always a white dot in the black side and a black in the white side. Black cannot exsist without white. And white cannot exsist without black. There has to be bad for good to exsist, I get quite excited these days when I think that I now have life to live. That’s thanks to so many people, the Royal Liberpool hospital saved my live, getting rid of the bad in my body. Southport hospital orcastrated my treatment and made it possible for me to live a life. It is with great thanks to all the people that made my cure possible. So I guess this blog can only end with one sentence.

Thank God for Black and white. And for the people that choose to make a difference in someone’s life.



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