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I guess different things, or needs drive different people in different ways,  Since cancer what motivates me is making a difference every day. Making things happen in others lives so that the burden is eased possibly in someone’s life facing or recovering from cancer. Although it’s not just cancer that motivates me. Its just to simply make a difference everyday, there is nothing I want to do that is for selfish gain. 

Although I will say that if there is an opportunity to drive a fast car like I have this weekend an AMG 63 Mercedes no less. That motivates me, it even makes me feel excited. My brothers DB9 my own little toy car. “Trevor” not really a golf man, or a fisherman, machines light me up. But more important than anything to me. People, helping people in what ever sense of the word. I used to think people used me, that they took advantage of me. But I learned that what they choose to do is their choice and non of my business. Why worry anyway, they are living a life as I am living a life. Why carry around the decisions they make as well as my own.

I am learning as we all are, my dad suggested something to me that he was going to do anyway. Even though we as a family have been let down by this person in our family. I will follow my dads example, after all my dad is an exemplary man. A pillar of society, many people respect him and many people see his good nature humour and generous heart. Aside of Jesus example I cannot think of a better person to look up to than my dad. It’s his birthday soon and we will do lunch together and share laughter and fun together. I guess we all think our dads are the best, but I don’t just think that of my dad as a son. I think it as a man also, he is a good man. A man I respect, and a man that I trust. He motivates me to be a better person, to continue to carry on carrying on.

My dad has dedicated his life to telling people of his beliefs as a Christian, never ever wavering. I can only respect what he chooses to do, because he does it with his whole heart. Any man that is so steadfast has only to be respected in my eyes. 
I myself am being asked to do more things in the world of cancer, it pleases me. Makes me happy I can be of some help to others. Music is also starting to motivate me where I was never interested in it massively. But I have learnt to listen to the words, and a whole new world has opened up to me now because of music. It’s coming alive to me, making more sense and motivating me to be a better person. 

My mum and dad, with Faith
I think being motivated to be better is everything, can anyone ask more of you than your best. Your best is the best you can be. Make sure that’s the standard you live by. There is no other in my book, to be your best is everything.


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Everything you read are based on my own experience and my own opinions. I express them here to encourage you. Please share with others, if it meant something to you it will to someone else.