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I thought it appropriate to talk about my dad today, a man that’s steadfast a man that has fathered me and loved me. Oh don’t get me wrong, my dad is not perfect but this blog is not about imperfections. It’s about my dad as a man and a dad. 

When my dad was 2 in the war he was moved out of his cot into another bed, a bomb landed on his cot minutes later but never exploded.

My dad as a man, I would say my dad was a popular man. Judging by the amount of Christmas cards they get every year, I certainly would not want their stamp bill at Christmas. He a jovial man, and loves to laugh, it’s an unmistakable laugh and heartwarming to. You can’t help but smile when he does laugh, even laugh yourself just because dads laughing. My dad did his best at all times, always seeking out people to help. Giving a hand up but sometimes giving handouts. My dad is an honest man, if my dad says it then it’s so. He is a kind man, and will always listen when you are talking, he does have a habit of pointing though, which he tells me off for when I do it. Dad loves scrabble and draughts, although I do think he cheats sometimes. For fun of course.

I am in a group on Facebook called “leyland memories” I put my blogs up there if I think it’s appropriate. Every time I have mentioned my dad as a teacher (he taught at Balshaws) I have never heard a bad word said about him. He was a good teacher, so I hear. Some pupils even liked him, although I do believe he ate a lot of pupils cakes. Not sure mum ever knew that, cake is my dads downfall. I am afraid even though my dad is God fearing, a temptation of cake he always gives in. He has brought 3 children into the world, his youngest his daughter Helen he dotes on, don’t get me wrong he loves me and my brother but Helen is special, maybe giving him 2 great grandchildren makes that all the more precious to him.

My dad Ken, is without doubt one of life’s special people, and I hope he goes on living till he’s a hundred. Dad almost died after being hit by a car at 27 and has like me beaten cancer also. Today I am with him for lunch, it’s a busy day today picking up wood and pool night. Squeezing a visit in for my pops as well.

  Drawn by Stephen Asbury.
Dad has been a minister all of my life as well as a teacher. I used to run up to the pulpit where my dad was preaching when I was 2. Dad always liked a walk on a Sunday, I loved it and looked forward to Sunday walks. Dad would fight my corner even if I was wrong, he was a great support to me and Jeremy my brother. Although when we played cricket with dad, he used to hit the ball so hard we ran everywhere to retrieve it. We were always very tired after cricket… Hmm I wonder if that was the plan. Dad loved Ian Botham who I have met. He was with out doubt one of my dad’s favourite cricketers. 

Well that sums my dad up in brief, but I just want to say as I set off to see him. He’s a man I respect and love, there are not many like my dad and hope he likes the gift from me and my brother drawn and painted by a leyland memory member. Have a great day dad, now we will just have to see what other people remember about you. Have a great day, I love you.

Your son


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