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Thats when you choose to be a success or give up. That’s when winners stand and move forwards, I know what it’s like down there to be in a mire of depression and seeming gloom. I have had to make those choices to give up or get up. Yes at certain times in my life, it’s been tough to get up. Life with cancer takes your lowest to a new low that I did not think was possible. I am talking about facing chemo, the procedures we have to have because of cancer. I saw a picture yesterday of someone fighting cancer that quite literally made me feel sick. So what if I was that person, how much worse would I have felt.

 Many people will have stopped reading in the first paragraph, but if your reading still it’s because your battling something in your life. It may not be cancer, it does not have to be. When we are at that point of our lowest is where we see what a person is made of. We see the true person come out, when I was there I did things like put positive words in the Twitter search box, Google, Facebook and alike. As I did I would have tears streaming down my face, I would feel helpless. But always because I looked, there was always a sentence, a collection of words or something that took me away from how I was feeling. I could always find something positive somewhere which made me recall a positive time in my life, take me off to a space I felt comfortable.

Many of you will know I believe certain things, the bible teaches “you reap what you sow” which I live by. It also states a principle of “seek and you shall find” it’s by those very acts that our lowest becomes the day we become, a day that we become able. A day that we have “chosen” to do. As opposed to say that dreadful word I do my best to not say. I believe people that say it are the ones that don’t get up, saying that word is just like shrugging your shoulders and giving up yet so many say it. There is no such word yet we say it. Yet remove the t and it becomes CAN, you can if you seek the answer. You WILL if you sow good seeds.

Please if nothing else do not say Can’t because you can, so many people are on anti depressants because they are negative towards themselves. Don’t you deserve better, don’t you deserve to at least do something. When ever I think I am not able these days I think of Steven Hawkins, I think how he does everyday goes to work everyday. Some may say he does not have a life but an exsistance. Well I know someone who has met him, he still sees him and has nothing but respect for the man.

I know what it’s like to be in the very place where you are so low, you don’t think you can, but when I look back to see how far I have come, it’s amazing to think that I was there. Trust me when I say being at your lowest is a good thing, because things can only get better. 

What will you choose to say?


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