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I have been reminded of my childhood tonight, having a visit from someone owed money to. I was reminded of what I did as a boy, the many jobs I did at the same time. My week consisted of a morning and evening paper round, 2 free paper rounds, 3 Saturday jobs and a Sunday paper round. I was for sure a busy boy eventually starting a business selling dog chews cat dog and bird food from the back of a go-kart. I was reminded of how hard I worked to make the money i did. I remember how hard my dad worked to when I had broken arms or legs to keep my customers served with dog chews and vitalin, or super dog 3. 

Saturday’s were really busy getting up at 1am and getting the milk float loaded and delivering all the milk. Then going to work at the pet food ware house with my then and still now friend Paul. After a day there I would sometimes go and do work in a garden in long meanygate in leyland. I worked and played hard of that there is no doubt. 

As I was reminded of that I was reminded of how it was the same really with cancer, putting a great deal in to get rid of cancer. How the hard work that I put in, got the cancer out so to speak. We don’t get anything in this life without effort, we get out of life what we put in. If you make no effort, it may suprise you to learn, you will be very poor in your future. It’s the same in all aspects of life, effort = reward. I have been rewarded with the life I have because fought for it and believed I would win.

You can if you have the will and determination to succeed, you will if you put the effort in. I don’t know many people in this life that have had it handed to them on a plate. But if you have the determination to carry on. You will win.

Have a great weekend


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