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My wife will hate me for this but who cares. She has always teased me about how old I am and very soon she shall be 40! Yup my young wife will be joining us oldies or us people in our 40’s. It’s funny how at 47 I don’t feel that old at all. I still feel young and I still have ideas of how to create fun in our lives, i even have friends who are in their 70’s and 80’s. I have just as much fun with them as I do with my younger friends. It’s a strange one how people judge what we are capable of by how old we are. It’s only our bodies that restrict us isn’t it. Maybe our memories to an exstent, but what I have started to do is write down what needs doing, so it can’t be forgotten, or set reminders on my I pad to remind me what’s going on.

At 47 I am starting to realise the shortness of this life we have, that we are not here long and that two of the most precious things we have are Time and friendships. They are two things that a multi millionaire cannot buy, when your lifes over it is. No amount of money can save us from leaving the planet, and going to where ever it is that we go. Life is about new exsperiences, and sharing them with people. Not keeping them to ourselves, many people will come and go in your life to. Maybe you use location as an excuse, it’s not an excuse these days with Facebook and Twitter. Life everyday has a whole host of opportunity. 

One of my friends is going to New York soon, fulfilling his wife’s dream. We are going to London to see the queen, (not in person ) but we will see the changing of the guard at Buckingham palace. You have places you have not seen near you, people you have not visited for years. Why you make those excuses only you know. Don’t make excuses to not do, give reasons to do, do. We are all given abilities and I am so fortunate that the abilities me and my wife have are different, I accept that and because of that it works. Very soon (I am excited) I will be meeting some of our friends from cancer stories. 5 th dec to be exact. How amazing that people of all ages will meet together brought together because of something so horrific. (Cancer) yet we are finding ways to make good out of the bad. Find ways to do something that brings people from all walks of life together. Yin and yang works because they are different, if they were the same there would be no light.

Choose the good things in your life, choose to get up and do as opposed to sitting and making an excuse. If someone tells me can’t these days, I find it hard. Because lose the T and you will always find the can do in any sentance. Your life’s your own no one else’s, I hope you make contact with that person you have in your mind right now, or do the thing you have been putting off. Because sowing at any age can be done.

Have a great weekend

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