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This is a word that’s so very precious whilst we still can be indeed “together” there comes a day that we will not be able to be together,  only memories will help us to remember what we were and did together. Take photos (many) of your together. Me and my Andie only are together because I chose to be treated for cancer. Our together could have so easily been taken from Andie, even now your thinking of someone. It may be a memory of someone or someone you want to be together with.  This is not a repeat of yesterday’s blog. 

This blog is just mearly pointing out that, being together while we still can be is important. Me and Andie still have time to enjoy, my dad on wed when it was his birthday said “mark it was the best birthday ever” how awesome to hear those words. Our friends daughter a few Christmases ago, after spending Christmas day with us said “that was the best Christmas ever” being together means so much, yet does it really take that much effort. The amount of effort it takes is actually in your head, you decide how much effort it takes. What ever all you have to do is walk to the car and make time to be together. You choose don’t you, don’t tell me the circumstances get in the way, it won’t wash with me. You do or don’t, simple.

Having said that Andie has just gone shopping sat afternoon at 3.30pm. I decided to stop home and finish my blog as  trapsing around the shops in the rain umming and Arring at items for sale, is just not for me. So I though I would finish this blog do the washing up and do other things that need to be done, teamwork you could say. I do hope she does not spend to much though. 

I hope she enjoys her few days off and that we get to make lots of memories over the next few days. It’s awesome being a team isn’t it, we need to enjoy what we have today, not tomorrow. Make memories daily. So we will make this happen over the next few days. I am sure blogs about it will be up over the next few days. I do enjoy seeing the Christmas lights up, and the feeling of Christmas, but we have Andies birthday to look forward to before that kicks in.

Have a great day


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