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what is it that we all crave, is it something tangible or a feeling. Is it not a feeling that no amount of money can buy that we crave? I mean it does not matter what number is in our bank balance when we die, what we own, we the person still goes the same as everyone else. Some chase money all their lives chasing the £250,000 a year that 5 % of the population earn, I guess I strived for that at one time. But cancer changed that, it made me realise what the true importance of life really is. All the things I really want now the other side of cancer. The side where I don’t have to live with it just the effects of it. All the things I want, strive or hope for no amount of money can buy. 

What is it that we all need, that gives us satisfaction in life. Longevity? Peace? Love? Happiness? Well you can’t have any of those above with out what I want. Well that’s my opinion anyway. You see for me it’s security, security in the relationship I have that I don’t need to look at my phone every 2 mins, I am not chased all the time and am able to be free and reciprocate that to the person I am with. Knowing you have that security in a relationship enables us to have the freedom that we need. That in turn gives us a greater chance of having Longevity. The freedom to have a faith that brings peace, a knowledge that you are loved and love the person your with then in turn brings us that happiness. All because we have security in the home that we have together. 

When a person continues to restrict another’s movements without trust there can be no security because trust is the foundation for security to exsist. Many people have asked me different things as to how me n Andie achieve happiness. It’s all about trust, and allowing each other to be who we want to be. I say it like this. You both have a heavy block that’s called life, if you choose to be hooked up to it and make a life together, then the differance is making sure we are both pulling in the same direction which makes life so much easier for us to be free to be what we need to be. If you are constantly having to respond to someone seeing where you are, what you are doing, who you are with, what time you will be home. Does that really help.?.

Make sure you are working together to achieve what you both want, that’s when the peace love and happiness can be in your life along with your security in the you that is you both.

So with those thoughts in your mind, have a great week with each other.


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