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You are enough? Is that true? Should we really be pleased with who we are today? Or should we strive to (as the advert says) BE MORE DOG. The fact is you are what you are today, the decisions you have made have brought you to today. WRONG!

In life, yes sometimes you can say that we chose to be who we are today. But what about the things that you have no control over. Cancer, do we have control over cancer. Control over if we do indeed get it or don’t. Well I myself have asked many people why we get cancer, and why some don’t even though they smoke 60 a day drink a bottle of whiskey a day. Yet they don’t get cancer! I will look into this after Christmas more, I want to look more at how we can ourselves learn, or even teach ourselves how not to get cancer, but also if it’s not in our control or not.

I was sat in a hot tub in Mexico after most of the friends I had made had gone home. A surgeon in his 70’s drinking triple Brandys all day long. I was curious and had to ask him, I had to know how he and his wife were in such good health. Did he not worry about illness. He said a couple of things to me, one was “if you drink eat, alcoholics have short lives because they don’t eat” ok I can get that. He said two other things to me though. He said “whatever you drink make sure you drink the same in water” I was also in agreement with that. So I asked him, so if someone gets cancer is it their fault? His answer was simple “no not at all, it’s a lottery Fonz” I looked him right in the eyes. He knew I had had cancer. “Is it I said” yes he continued, “you either do or you don’t”  

It was kind of a comfort, but I am not so sure. Doctors as a GP don’t get taught about nutrition, they are taught what to prescribe and for what. I will look into this in the new year and exsplained my findings, but once we know what to do we CAN lower the risk of ever getting it or ever getting it again if indeed we have had it before like I have twice. But in short, we do have control over what we put in our bodies. The better the quality the less of a risk we are at. Like my friend Rob says, eat a rainbow of food in a week, of good quality naturally grown food.

So what did I learn, I learnt this. 

You are enough, because of what you chose to to be now. But the decisions you make today, can change the future of more than just you. You choose to affect others or not, and it’s in that choice of helping someone, in whatever capacity that means you achieve more. Because some think that helping is giving of yourself. I say giving is not only to the person but to your own growth to.

Today is Andies 40th birthday. Tomorrow I will tell you how it went.

I hope you enjoy your first door of your advent calendar.


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