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“London Baby”

This is our diary of London, we are now on the train first class to London on the Virgin 1st class (cheap ticket) to London. all the same we are under way to celebrate Andies 40th birthday in “London Baby” we are attempting to watch the final Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi but the video won’t work.. Ah well. This is going to be a positive time.. We have lots planned which I will tell you about as we do it. I tell you what I wish I had done a diary before I started my blog. But we can only focus on now, and change today.

On arriving in London we took a taxi to our hotel Copthorne millenium hotel (Chelsea) nearby our friend Danny had recommended we go to Bordeans an American place for food that did bbq and smoked or bbqed meats. I decided to have a large burnt end, that they are famous for Andie really enjoyed hers as did I. Unfortunately though we filled ourselves up to our throats and on going back to the room we were just groaning in pain because we had eaten so much. Andie was asleep very quickly, whilst I well was not a happy stuffed pig.

In the morning we got up sharp, had breakfast and went out to get on the red original bus tour. We did the red route first, from Victoria to Victoria then stopping for lunch in Browns where we had a nice bottle of Malbec (Argentina) one of our favourite full bodied wines. Oh how my parents will frown on that, wine at lunch tut tut.. After finishing our lunch we decided to do the yellow route and see London sights in the rain. We got off at Piccadilly walking through Leicster square, and Trafalgar Square. Finally having our tea at bar1 at the embankment. We both had the gourmet burger although it was more like a Burger King with a gurkin. 

That was Andies last day in her 30’s, the next day was her 40 th and I wanted to give her some memories that she had wanted all of her life.


Firstly we went to Buckingham palace getting off the underground at St James park the nearest stop to the palace, so we could see the changing of the guard. Something Andrea had wanted to do all of her life. We got there 1hr 20 mins before it started. I like to get places early so we get the best spot. We were to find out it was indeed the very best spot… Although we were pushed and shoved quite allot by a Romanian or Russian family from behind, really pushing us trying to get our vantage point. It was amazing the actual changing of the guard. It lasted about 40 mins the only negative was the family behind trying to get our vantage point…


We then walked through 3 parks green park, Hyde park, and Kensington park on our way to the natural history museum. Having a picture taken next to the peterpan statue on our way through. Will attach pitchers, we had lunch in the museum. 

Lamb tagine for me and Soup for Andie. Then it was time to go back and get ready for the cruise. Andie had a long evening dress on and looked fabulous. Unfortunately I am to fat for my wedding suit pants so I did not wear my intended dickie bow. Gym for me in the new year.

On arriving at the boat and being shown to our seat, I think the realisation of the day started to dawn on Andie. She got quite emotional, we were on the Thames having a fabulous meal in amazing surroundings with the person that we both adore. It was incredible that we had even made it to this point, we were both very emotional inside that we had made it to this point in our lives and were able to celebrate Andies 40 th birthday together. 

The meal was awesome, it was really nice to be able to relax and forget about cancer for a while. Seeing the sights as we passed on the floating restaurant, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, London eye, IBM lol. And many more, the last sentence Andie said to me was, “Marky, this is the best birthday EVER” how nice to make dreams come true. She had dreamt of the natural history museum and changing of the guard from a small girl and we had made it happen.
So now we are on the way home via Baker Street. Have a great day, and if you have a dream, you CAN make it come true. Have non and it won’t.
Have a great day.
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