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Well today has been a great day, meeting up with some of the members of our FB group. People that did not and would not know each other had we not been affected by cancer. It is a group of people  that are committed to each other, committed to supporting and loving each other through the hard times, and laughing with each other. A group of people that understand one and all, people that have had similar experiences and understand both on an emotional and physical level. Where others not touched by cancer will hopefully never know. 

13 months ago I set the group up with thoughts of reaching out to others, I had the idea some 2 1/2 years earlier. I am kicking myself that I did not set it up bk then. But it’s today that matters, and all of those people that are in that group have had to realise a new normal. Over 200 people are in the group although there has been many more people come and go in the group. The people in it now have become friends, leading us to today.

Today 14 of us met for lunch, at San Marco near Preston. It’s amazing how something so very terrible can bring so many so close, at times it was emotional. But 99% of our time together was happy, filled with laughter and stories of how we had come to all be sat in that same room together. How positive we all were, how up beat to be sat with people that understood each other. It was a special time, a time I for one found priceless. Again we have made memories that will last forever, made friendships with people that will last the test of time because of cancer. It was a great big STUFF you cancer, because WE (cancer stories) are stronger together. We are who we are because of each other.

To each and everyone of you that came today, for however long. THANK YOU. It’s because of you there is an us, because there is an us there is cancer stories. How wonderful that we can take something positive in friendship because of cancer. One of the girls there today said this “this is my new normal, but I want a better new normal than this” I agree, it’s only when we accept there is a new normal in a life with cancer that we can make our new normal better. 

So thanks to everyone who encourages and supports one another at CS. Your all just as important as each other. 

Have a nice night,


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