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For my whole life time I have had a Christmas tree, sometimes small but the older I got the bigger the tree got. We are now up to a 9ft 3″ we did have a bigger one once living in this house. But the position meant my wife could not see me or the T.V. But this year is not about size, it’s about what it means to us. What having a Christmas tree has started to mean to me. Well the tree has started to become a memory tree, a reminder of the situations and people that brought us to where we are today.

When I was a boy the tree to me meant (family) it symbolised I was a part of a family and I had put things on it which made me feel I belonged to that family. It was quite intense just to be asked to be a part of it. Now though, it’s my home, my dad or mum is not head of this house. Me and Andie are, which got me cogitating about what out tree meant to me. 

Our tree means memories, it means friendship, life, belonging, faith, love and family. Tonight like so many around the world are decorating their trees, putting things on it that remind them of what and who they want to be reminded of. We have a bell on ours, it reminds Andie of her family. When she gets it out every year she says the same thing. I won’t tell you what that is, it’s our family. But it’s her reminder of family, of her upbringing, of the life she had before we had our very own family tree. That brought me to thinking about what the different decorations meant to us over the years. That Cancer has been a part of my life, 1/8th of it. Yet there is nothing there to reminds me I had won.

We don’t want that reminder though, but we do want one reminder. That is of the people we all hope and remember more at this time than we normally do. Other people that are members of CS that maybe have won or lost. All the Same I want a memory to put up on the tree that reminds me of all the people at Cancer stories EVERY year. You any ideas? I would love us all to have one to put up. Maybe Joshua could make one for us? Let me know what you think? And I hope your tree stands for what ours stands for. Your tree is yours and can mean to you what ever you want it to. But what ever you want, it will always mean life.

Have a great week 


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