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Could today be it? Are you really bothered? You get in your flash car, go to work fulfil the demands put on you by your work place. Earn enough, for what? To be stuck in traffic come home eat then fall asleep without family time. If that’s you, you have had no wake up call. No shock to make you think differently. That’s great, I so hope you never do. But if your still reading this then you do actually care. One thing is for sure that we will die one day, but what will we be remembered by? Our house, what we owned, our car. Or what we did for others, you see for me I want to be remembered for what I did rather than what I had. I hope to be remembered for being involved in other people’s lives, not the person that said I would and never did. I was watching 24 hours in A&E last night, it got me thinking that people only stop and think when they have a trauma in their lives. They only  truly reflect when our paths are forced to change.
I really related to that, because the same happened to me. When I got cancer I could clearly see where my last days would be, it was a wake up call a realisation that I am not as invincible as I thought I was. That there is actually an end. Andies mum ( I loved her so much) used to say this. It’s not what you do when someone’s gone it’s what you do in their lives. It’s true isn’t it, we have the chance now and we think that money and a living is enough. What’s the point in all that if there are no moments of reflection. No moments of peace, of sharing thoughts with others and love. Weekend should not be recovery time to go to be fit for another weeks work. Weekend should be time for family and friends to do in their lives now, before its to late. 

Like this blog, it’s written forever. People can read this in generations to come, maybe people will want to read my thoughts more when I am gone, I guess that’s just human nature. What this blog is about is to do my best to help you to see, that it’s not to late. It never is whilst we have breath, while we are able. The worst thing to say to a cancer patient is. I am here if you need anything, just ask. Because when your that ill you can’t ask, you don’t even feel like typing.even breathing is an affront never mind walking, talking and phoning someone. What ever you do will be appreciated   Trust me. But don’t say those words. “You know where I am” because although the person does know that, they won’t ask.

 Just do, and make their day by turning up with some food, even if they don’t feel like it. I remember when I was at my lowest Eb my friend Johnny came up to the house and dived on me, giving me a huge hug. I didn’t want him there, even hated that he came. But as soon as I had that hug and saw his wife. My mind changed, we had a great night that night and will never forget it. Johnny did for me where others said those words, don’t get me wrong many people did. That is just one example.

Have a great week


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