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The people I get on with the most are those that say what they do and do what they say. It’s not an exact science, I mean some people get to my age and still don’t know what they want to do for the rest of their lives. All I know is there will be people in my future. I did get to the top of my game selling in corporate sales to supermarkets. Now I find my skills in the selling world are being used to encourage people. 

I would like to think I come in the (do do) category. I have found myself in the  “say they will” category though. Most certainly though, if I have found myself in the say they will catagory and have not done. It is because I do not have the conviction to carry it forwards. Maybe I Don’t believe in the product or subject , or maybe the wise side of me (my wife) does not believe in it either what ever it is. One thing I do know, most things I do do. We do together, we support each other in our actions. We believe 2 is stronger than one, that is if you are both pulling in the same direction. 
I started writing this blog some 4 weeks ago, I did not know today would be the day I would find the right words to finish it. What I do know though, is that for sure by doing you will achieve something. Those that keep saying are not doing, that will also achieve something. That’s called hot air, which is great for warming a room but not much else. 

I would encourage you to do what ever it is your heart is telling you to do, you only get so many years on this planet and I know I learnt to talk by the time I was 5, I have been improving on that ever since then. But talking is no where near as rewarding as doing. Well that’s my opinion anyway. The above photo was taken because I did something I said I would do, I sold my house and travelled Australia and New Zealand.

What will you do?


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