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I have been remembering a lot lately, and asked Cancer stories to think of a song that meant something to us all in 2016. This is the song my wife dedicated to me when I thought I was not able to carry on anymore.

When I imagined in my minds eye, what a happy home looked like. It never had cancer in it, there were pictures in my mind like. My wife sat on a window seat reading a good book, with rain running down the window pains. I imagined our cat out stretched in front of an open fire. Our Labrador cuddled up to me on the floor whilst I blogged, or wrote to encourage people around the world maybe. 

Well it’s not quite like that, my wife is reclined on the settee watching a favourite movie, I am writing in the other room and our Labrador is playing with my feet, oh and it’s raining outside. Makes me wonder why I have not made a window seat, maybe I should do.

Only my wife can look across at me and tell me a thousand words with one look, only we have the 12 years exsperience of each other (nearly). As I write to you, or for you, I smile. I smile because I am able in the only way I know, tell you how it is, how I feel, what my dreams are and while they are not quite as I imagined them to be. I have to say I am really happy with the reality of what I have hoped for. While to have the reality we have, we now understand there has to be sad days to know what the good days are. To know how truly good, those good days actually are. I mean how can we know what the sweet tastes like with out knowing how sour really is.

Cancer may have done its best to evict me from the big brother house, but because of cancer I know how sour can really be. Therefore the sour being a gift to us all, being a benchmark as to how bad it can be. Making us appreciate what we have today, not what could be but the reality of our happy place. Love your now, now.


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