How truer statement has ever been made, only you can make a differance in your life. It’s all down to you, if your fit, Godly, a parent, a business person, a  person battling a desease, your weight. What ever it may be, only you the person looking back  can make the differance in your life, by allowing what ever is needed or removing what is not needed. You are in control of your destiny. As I read her first blog describing how she was a committed mother of 4 a happy wife, I could feel a tiger wanting to show itself. I did not feel she wanted to escape her life, just to find out what the purpose of her life is. Apart from the obvious bearing 4 children and giving them the love they needed, putting their needs first.

Whilst on my cancer journey, I have felt restricted. Confined  to a place where I had to be to recover, restricted as to what I could consume, do and realised that maybe I was not in control of what I was to become. What a load of crock that is, I mean I still had today to do what ever I wanted. When I was given a short time to live without treatment, for sure I could have given up. Shrugged my shoulders and lived my last days, I could have been as defeated as I felt. 

Me and my new friend have and had one thing in common, to be more than we are today. That our spirits are such that we want to find the us behind the practicalities of daily living. The reason why we were put here, some say it’s to procreate. Maybe it’s to do or achieve something else. What ever your conclusion persue it, never tire. Continue on until you feel you can’t any more. Then when you get there, start over and set yourself new goals. Your life is in your hands, by doing everyday means you are headed somewhere, and if your happy with that direction carry on. 

After all your destiny is in your hands