You have proberbly heard me say it before, that there really is beauty in everything. Whilst learning on my cancer journey, my whole mind set has changed. As a younger man teens and certainly in my twenties, I saw problems in problems. I saw what problems took from me as opposed to the wisdom that problems can give to us. 

You see for me, there are problems everywhere if we want to look at life like that. Let me attempt to exsplain. So somebody tells me I have an illness and it will take my life, without treatment. I have heard those words, I know it’s more serious for some people. But I am of the belief it’s not what we are told it’s our whole attitude to it that matters. A good attitude is found in relaxed people. It’s generally not found in the person that runs around like a headless chicken looking for problems. I for sure have my own demons I have to face, like anyone else I am not perfect far from it. 

The point is this it’s winter right now and there are no flowers in our garden, but I went out there and took some photos anyway just with this I pad I write this on now. I wonder what you think yo what I have taken.  

Funny isn’t it I didn’t notice before but I am not sure that lights much good full of water like that lol. That garden was a blank piece of grass. I will show you how it looked at the end of this blog, I could have done nothing with it just left it as it was and the dog would have still been happy with it as she is today. Why because our dog faith does not care what it looks like as long as she is with me or Andie. I see beauty in everything these days, that’s what cancer gave to me. Cancer made me change my attitude to everything I see. I no longer see a problem in a problem, I see solutions where I did not before. 


This is a border me and my friend Karl made.

If you have read all of my blogs you will have read how I was determined to get a piece of land the other day. Well this is how it looked 

A couple of days after that picture it looked like this.

It’s amazing walking in that small piece of land that I call a garden. But yet it could just be a brown piece of land, our lives even with cancer can have good come out of it, but you have to choose for something good to come of it. 

It’s strange you know, I can get emotional just because I can see all these things growing. Cancer has made me appreciate so much, people, plants, life, breath. Just life, some people are fortunate to know when thier life will end and dig in and gain more days purely by shear determination. For sure I am alive because I want to be, and everything I see fills me with a grateful heart. I ask you this question, and please comment. It’s nice for people to know your thoughts. What has life taught you?

Have a great day


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