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A care giver is so much more than the word suggests, caregivers are undervalued by society and not given the credit deserved. Care givers are actually the life that the sufferer needs, the hope and strength for a person to carry on. The job is possibly worse than the suffering in some cases. I can say that having been a carer as well. Helping someone to overcome physical trauma, as well as mental. A carer needs to be sensitive, courageous even knowledgable about the journey  ahead, whilst not overloading the person at the same time. Of course every care giver has to have different jobs, some patients want to know everything, and I mean everything. Whilst for me I needed a long term goal, whilst getting through today. That was always what mattered to me. TODAY…. Just that, knowing what I need to face today.

A caregivers emotions are a huge roller coaster, I mean after all they have to see what happens to their loved one as well as feel the fear inside as well as having to put trust in the health service that the doctors looking after their loved one, are doing the best that they can for them.! whilst understanding what the possible side effects of the drugs can be. Caregivers need a distraction, a support network that provide an outlet, where the questions like “How is xxxxx doing” are not included in the time with the person supporting them. Allowing the caregiver to bring it up should they wish. The key to getting through a battle of any kind is something that’s paramount in any struggle I think.

What ever the illness or situation the people find themselves in. The main thing to remember on both sides is ‘communication’ being able to tell each other how you feel. If you can do that, your half way there, the other important thing that breaks some relationships. Is the way the sufferer is, how angry they may become because of the drugs they are on, or the different situations they find them selves in. People change on medication. As if it was not hard enough for them  to deal with the situation in itself the persons personality changes as well. 

Carers are deserved of a high acalaide, for me my carer. “My wife” is responsible for my sustained life along of course with my mum who made me go and get it checked in the first place. But it’s the true care giver that deserves the praise it’s a journey of commitment, sadness and happiness. Freedom and light. I find some religious people choose to pray as opposed to doing something practical. I believe you cannot pray unless you are doing something practical. After all the bible states “Faith without works is dead” but that’s another blog altogether. 

If you are a believer or not it’s about what we do in life not what we say that matters. So many say the words, pray the prayers but don’t walk the walk. In other words a care giver, put their money where their mouth is and does. My wife’s mum had her mum live with her and the whole family for 18 years. Andie tells me of lots of happy memories of conversations she had with her nana. Caring for someone does not have to be all bad, but they are the ones that need the standing ovation when it comes to us coming through the other side victorious.

So I say thank you to all of you, that help so many.


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