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All I seem to hear in days gone by,
Is how the evil has taken to many,
I don’t know how many times I will cry,
How many stars do we have to bury.

So much talent that has been taken already,
Cancer is the cause, it’s just so evil
People taken that are not even ready,
Because of the Evil that some call the devil.

It’s the knowing that we all leave with nothing,
No amount of wealth will sustain us against cancer,
Even if our life has meant something,
The end is the same in our answer.

So what can we learn from all of this sadness,
Maybe today is our last, who has the answer,
Please God help me to understand all this madness,
Please help me to live a life without cancer.
Written by

Mark Blackwell

Thanks for encouraging me to carry on 
Micheal33 thevisionofpoets  

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