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My blog is a year in the life of me, someone fighting cancer. The struggles that someone normal is faced with whilst fighting to stay alive and beat cancer. When I started ( or chose ) to write this blog called fonzandcancer I did not know I would beat cancer, I did not know what was ahead of me apart from the first fight with cancer which was hard enough. That was my only comparrisum to what I would face. This is an honest blog as I believe they all have been, but this one bears my heart and soul.

You see I have never thought of depression as a desease, I was prescribed medication for it some 17 years ago after marrying my first wife the year before and going through divorce a year later. I never took the medication. Some people chose to side with my ex wife. Since then I have chosen to walk a depression free path, thinking it is by my very choices that kept it all at bay. By my positive spirit in effect, dispersing the perhaps ever beating depression. That I was shining a light of happiness in a dark place which some call depression. Amazing isn’t it that although these thoughts are public, only a few read the very depths of my thoughts, either because they are worried what people will think (I don’t) or they want to learn what it’s like to face such demons, or perhaps it’s because you yourself have accepted that your doctor has told you your depressed and want to know if there is a way out.

Like with anything, only you are your way out, cancer is Evil and I suffer daily to maintain a positive outlook. (Why suffer) ?  Because only you can change what you choose to think, only you can choose to say positive things, and be a positive person believing in a positive outcome. 

For me at the beginning of my blog I believed without seeing that I would beat cancer. One person said last week my blog is religious because it’s about faith. The word faith means  ‘To believe without seeing’  on all American notes are the words “in God we trust” so believing by faith God is real even though he has not been seen. Well myself personally, I believe we see God in everything but that’s a whole new blog altogether. So for me  personally I believe I choose every day not to be depressed yet a doctor told me I was 17 years ago. 

When we fall we can collapse in a heap or get up, when we get up we are further ahead than we were before. A man called Ian Samuel taught me that some 24 years ago. It’s up to us to move forwards, it’s up to us to chose to move from where we are today. YOUR LIFE IS IN YOUR HANDS! Don’t waste what you have. Look at my poetry, I was told when I wrote heart of the ocean when I was 27 it was rubbish so I did not persue it. Now I don’t do it for anyone else just me, and I am finding others like it so I am choosing to carry on. Please choose to carry on, you have so much more to give the world and you won’t know what that is unless you follow your heart.

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