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So how did I come to have this amazingly tasty carrot cake in my kitchen. Well it’s quite a story as to how it got there really starting with my old school friend Daniel Clyedburn. You see if it was not for Danny there would be no carrot cake in my kitchen even though he did not make it it’s because of him it’s there. You see Danny made a phone call to someone called Aasma day, Aasma works at the LEP (Lancashire evening post) he called her up to say that he had a friend who had beaten cancer twice and maybe she may like to run a story on him. So that men would be encouraged to get their butts to the doctors on finding a lump. That because He did this He was still alive and his friend owed his life to the NHS and the medicine that was given to him, in the form of  chemothearopy. 

The next step in the chain that led to my carrot cake was a photographer coming to his friends house and photographing him and his wife along with his dog Faith. They ran the story both on the Internet and in the actual LEP. You can read the article here.


In running the article, Aasma kindly agreed to put the link to his friends cancer support group, and also his friends blog address. This is where the chain of events led to my carrot cake finding its way to my kitchen. You see, in wanting to help other people and desiring to give hope to mankind, and because Danny told Aasma day about his friend. Some people in the surrounding area joined the cancer stories support group, that is there for people to lean on each other because of their own journeies. One of those people lived in the friends village, another lived in a near by city called Preston. Together as man and wife they talked and were encouraged, because of cancer stories which may (if I can be so bold) have contributed to saving someone’s life.

Of course you know who Danny’s friend is, because the person who made my amazing carrot cake is called Anne and she read the article in the LEP and joined our group along with her husband Dave. Such special people who came to my house yesterday for a coffee and a slice of carrot cake that she had made for me, Danny’s friend from school. It’s a chain of human kindness that led to me and my wife being able to enjoy this special gift given to us because of Danny. So tonight we will be sat by the open fire listening to the rain pounding the Windows nice and warm with a slice of cake washed down with a glass of red. Thanks Anne, Aasma, and Danny. Maybe there will be some left for you when I see you on Saturday Danny.

Keep encouraging everyone, it’s the best thing in the world to give a little human kindness to someone. Have a great night.



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