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How are you all today? I know some of you will not be great others like me will be over the moon to be able to open my eyes once again. To have a new day to live, I feel blessed just to have the chance at a new life. Today is my mums birthday, and whilst I won’t see her today I shall on Sunday with the whole family as we share a meal together to celebrate our mum being 70 years old. I may do a blog just for her later but for now I want to talk to you about how wonderful life is.

You see we are the ones that have doctors with knowledge, hospitals with people in them passionate about saving lives, they work tirelessly to help us win our battles, there are so many people that dedicate their lives to us getting better. How grateful I am to be awake today, to have a full day ahead of me to enjoy or endure. Today I am going to choose to enjoy not endure. Many times whilst I was having treatment I had fun with the nurses, doctors, cleaners whoever. As far as I was concerned they are all a link in a chain that made it possible for me to get my life back.

I am for sure a blessed man, not a cursed man because I had cancer I was chosen possibly to have it, I do for sure see the world through different eyes, I am more sensitive, more loving and more appreciative of what I do have not what I could have. It was the same when I had cancer, I was appreciative of the the people I had to care for me as opposed to being downtroddon that I even had to go through the journey they call cancer.

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When you see life like this, it’s suprising how soon the world around you changes. All because of your attitude to the desease.  Is there really a reason I got it to encourage others on their journey. Was I really chosen to have cancer because cancer needs someone like me to have it? Well I Don’t know the answer to that question, but I do know I am blessed to have today.. As they say in the US of A. 

Have a blessed day.



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